Service Benefits


Apply RFP Best Practices

Streamline the creation of an RFP to meet your timelines. Compare your RFP against widely accepted practices. Get the most out of the RFP process.


Increase Quality of Responses

Elicit standard responses across multiple vendors. Increase the level of response from vendors. Use a high-quality RFP to engender high-quality responses.


Compare Vendors Easily

Obtain answers to the most critical questions. Increase the competition between vendors. Save time when evaluating the responses from the vendors.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Review as a Service

Our Perspective

Quality of RFP Drives Responses

The average award rate for vendors replying to RFPs is 5%, which is why vendors look for quality RFPs to respond to.

Quality of RFP Drives Quality of Responses

A high-quality RFP will engender high-quality responses.

Clarity Drives Increased Response Rates

Vendors are more likely to respond to an RFP they understand.

Time Is Saved With Standard Responses

A quality RFP will save time when evaluating the responses.

Service Overview

Receive the RFP

Receive a copy of the RFx and any associated documentation the member would send out to prospective vendors. Acknowledge receipt of documents. In your reply, include the legal disclaimer.

Score RFP – First Pass

Review Structure, General Terms, and Specific Terms. Use the tools provided.

Discuss With Member

Review your initial findings with the member. Ask any clarifying questions you have. Confirm the top ten requirements related to: Vendor Application Architecture System Functionality

Complete Scoring

Revise the scoring based on the information gathered from the member call. Complete the final deliverable using the Deliverable Template.

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