Service Benefits


Make Better Use of Your Project Resources

Avoid overapproval and overallocation of your resources through a better understanding of your capacity for projects.


Optimize Demand Intake

Visualize your demand funnel to better assess the overhead costs of your intake practices.


Drive Project Throughput

Build an action plan to help alleviate supply/demand pain points.

Project Portfolio Throughput Assessment

Our Perspective

Foster Capacity-Awareness Culture

Project throughput can only consistently occur if you reconcile the appetite for new projects with available resource capacity.

Approach Resource Management More Realistically

The validity of traditional, rigorous resource planning has long been an illusion. New realities are making the sustained focus and stable assumptions that old-reality projections relied on all but impossible to maintain.

Stop Approving Work Without Proper Resourcing

Unless senior management is accountable for controlling the consumption of staff hours, too much work will get approved and committed to without evidence of sufficient resourcing.

Service Overview

Assess Project Resource Capacity

Discover how much time you have available for projects once non-project demands are factored in.

Analyze Your Demand Funnel

Evaluate the health of your demand funnel with Info-Tech's Throughput Overhead Analysis Tool.

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