Service Benefits


Determine Audit Readiness

Determine whether your organization would pass a portfolio or project management audit.


Measure PMO Value

Better understand whether the shareholders would view the project portfolio as successful.


Improve Process Efficiency

Determine and understand current process gaps – and where additional focus is needed.


Build an Action Plan

Create a realistic roadmap to fill process gaps and start running a successful portfolio.

Project Portfolio Review

Our Perspective

Project Delivery is Make-or-Break for Stakeholders

Of all the IT service offerings, Info-Tech’s data shows projects – or more specifically, successful project delivery – have the strongest correlation to overall business satisfaction. Any CIO looking to improve business satisfaction and their relationship with business stakeholders must prioritize project delivery.

Project Problems Often Require Portfolio Solutions

Stop looking at project problems as project problems when it is, in fact, the project portfolio that causes the most pain. With our research showing most IT departments struggling to meet demand, use this service to highlight gaps in portfolio management that are likely causing project issues.

The Executive Team Approves Too Many Projects

Most organizations have too many projects, or they haven't set realistic and achievable delivery timelines for their projects. Formalized accountability for the costs and benefits leads to realistic goals and increases the likelihood of project success.

Service Overview

Examine how you manage your project portfolio to gain valuable insight into your current state.

Complete Portfolio/Project Pre-Engagement Checklist

Gather existing materials and prepare them for review with analyst.

Review Materials

Assess content to ensure nothing is missing and everything aligns with the PPM Audit Standard.

Conduct Current State Assessment

Use the Audit Standard Triage Tool to answer key questions on current standards, processes, procedures, and controls.

Review Findings and Develop Roadmap

Review results from the tool and use the corresponding recommendations to populate the final report.

Discuss Next Steps

Discuss the final report with the analyst and set up a follow-up to review and confirm next steps.

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