Service Benefits


Understand your drivers for product transformation.

Define the drivers for your transition to product-centric delivery.


Understand the product transformation journey.

Identify the cultural, behavioral, and leadership changes needed for a successful transformation.


Establish an organizational starting definition of products.

Tailor product management to meet the needs and vision of your organization.


Personalize and commit to supporting product teams.

Embrace leadership and cultural changes needed to empower and support teams.

Prepare to Lead Product Delivery

Our Perspective

Product delivery is about value delivery.

Product delivery requires significant shifts in the way you complete development work and deliver value to your users. Make the changes that support improving end user value and enterprise alignment.

Start with a clear definition.

Every organization will define what is a product differently. A proper definition of a product recognizes three key facts: products are long-term endeavors that don’t end after the project finishes; products are not just "apps" but rather software or services that drive value; and there is more than one stakeholder group that derives value from the product or service.

Product roadmaps guide delivery and communicate your strategy.

The quality of your product backlog – and your ability to realize business value from your delivery pipeline – is directly related to the input, content, and prioritization of items in your product roadmap.

Not all product roadmaps tell the same story.

Your product family roadmap and product roadmap tell different stories. The product family roadmap represents the overall connection of products to the enterprise strategy, while the product roadmap focuses on the fulfillment of the product’s vision.

Service Overview

Understand your motivations for moving to product delivery.

List the key challenges you are looking to solve around product management. List the blockers or challenges we will need to overcome.

Define what is a product in your context.

Consider and the differences between project delivery and product delivery. Brainstorm what is a product using language relevant to your organization.

Identify enablers/blockers of product ownership and management.

Brainstorm the key enablers that can help promote your implementation of product ownership. Discuss the key blockers (or risks) that may interrupt or derail your efforts. Brainstorm mitigation activities for each blocker.

Define a set of guiding principles for product management.

Create a statement describing your target state or destination postcard. Discuss the guiding principles of product management. Your guiding principles are constraints, goals, and checkpoints for product management.

Commit to empowering product teams.

Describe your organization’s product and product delivery culture. Identify behaviors, actions, and beliefs to stop, start, or continue doing. Prioritize your next steps. Worry about the roadmap later.

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