Service Benefits


Build a Clear, Concise & Compelling IT Strategy

You will come away with a clear, concise, and compelling business-facing executive IT strategy presentation that IT leaders can feel confident presenting in front of their key stakeholders.


Improve Visual Appeal and Logical Flow

Add improvements to your current IT strategy in terms of visual appeal and logical flow to ensure it gets consumed by its intended audience.


Leverage a Best-of-Breed Strategy Template

Cut down on time and effort spent by your team to build an effective strategy. Fast track your efforts to gain approval for your strategy.

IT Strategy Visualization Service

Our Perspective

Audience Matters

The audience of your IT strategy will determine its effectiveness. Cater improvements in your IT strategy to the nuances that your audience members would like to see.

If You Don’t Communicate It, It Doesn’t Exist

Simple, appealing, and inspirational communication makes for an effective IT strategy that shows improvement in all business alignment key performance indicators versus a non-existent or immature IT strategy.

Ruthlessly Prioritize What to Communicate

Understand the six key components of an effective IT strategy presentation that result in accurate and relevant communication to business stakeholders.

Service Overview

Understand the Current IT Strategy Document

Provide Info-Tech analysts with your current strategy document to review and evaluate what information exists to build an executive-facing presentation.

Assess Document for Completeness

Leverage our checklist to understand what key information exists or doesn’t exist to build your final strategy presentation.

Elicit Missing Information

Work with your Info-Tech analyst to elicit “must have” information before building your final presentation to ensure its completeness.

Assemble Executive Presentation

Info-Tech analysts will handle 100% of the presentation assembly to provide you with a boardroom-ready presentation that you will be confident to present to your key stakeholders.

Recommend Next Steps to Augment the IT Strategy, Where Needed

All IT strategies can be improved over time. Leverage analyst expertise to understand what can be further improved in your strategy post-service.

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