Service Benefits


Demonstrate Informed Decision Making

Impress organizational stakeholders with a strategic and thorough approach to cost optimization.​


Show Forward Thinking

The combination of a widely predicted recession and a global pandemic has pushed most businesses to the breaking point. The ask for cost savings is coming. Be ready when it comes.


Balance Short-Term Needs With Long-Term Health

The approach and deliverables in this service will help you effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis and set budget and costs goals for economic times of recovery and expansion.


Save Time Without Cutting Corners

Most cost-optimization efforts can take weeks to months to complete. Our approach will get you 80% through your cost optimization efforts in a day.

Cost Optimization Analysis

Our Perspective

Don’t rush in blindly.

While time is of the essence, there are always long-term considerations and relationships. For instance, how you treat your vendors now will shape your relationship in the long run.

Everything is on the table.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced governments to enact extreme measures. Follow their example. Organizations and businesses need to make deep cuts that previously would have seemed impossible.

Don’t give up on long-term objectives.

While short-term survival is the prime focus, you still need to thrive in the long term. As much as possible, match every short-term decision with an associated long-term risk assessment.

Plan for the “new normal."

You must consider how you will recover and succeed in the long term but at the same time take advantage of the “new normal.” For example, travel cuts may finally stick due to proven digital meeting technology.

Service Overview

Streamline your cost optimization strategy and learn to make budget recommendations that balance near-and long-term need.

Thoroughly Analyze the Budget

Use Info-Tech’s structured approach to assessing cost optimization opportunities across the IT budget to ensure you’re making the most informed recommendations possible.

Make Informed Cost Decisions

Use a strategic framework to assess the relative effort, impacts, and risks associated with cost-saving actions as well as the probability that estimated savings will be achieved.

Communicate Budget Recommendations With Confidence

Use the communications template at the heart of this service to formally present your recommendations to organizational stakeholders and meticulously present your rationale.

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