Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process – Phase 1: Establish and Formalize Process

This phase, Establish and Formalize Process, will help you map your current vendor selection process, amend gaps, and then formalize a new process based on Info-Tech's...

Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process – Phase 2: Gather Requirements and Write RFx

This phase, Gather Requirements and Write RFx, will help you gather and prioritize your requirements, create scenarios and use cases, and then draft and publish an...

Implement a Proactive and Consistent Vendor Selection Process – Phase 3: Evaluate and Select Vendor

This phase, Evaluate and Select Vendor, will help you evaluate vendor proposals, select the best balance of cost and fit, and make a recommendation to management.

Vendor Selection Due Diligence Checklist

Evaluation and site visits of candidate vendors are essential to making the correct selection.

Pugh Matrix Tool

Use this tool to perform a lightweight evaluation process for smaller procurements.

Vendor Recommendation Presentation

Once you've selected a vendor, make a formal recommendation to management and relevant stakeholders.

Business Data Glossary

Use the Business Data Glossary to manage the business terms, their definitions, and other important details including ownership, systems, and how the data should be used...

Project Charter and Status Update Template

Use this template to take a lean approach to scoping initiatives during planning stages and tracking its progress during its execution.

Data Strategy Planning Interview Guide

Use this interview guide to structure discussions with key business stakeholders.

Business SWOT Analysis Template

Use this template to complete and document a SWOT analysis for the business.
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