Application Portfolio Management

Lean IX and Apptio Partner to Provide the Holistic Perspective on Your Applications

Lean IX and Apptio have partnered to produce an integrated solution that better informs the strategic decision-making process with improved visibility into an...

Discover Your Applications

This blueprint helps fight application sprawl by strengthening visibility in to the portfolio. With the central activity of application-capability mapping, this approach...
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Discover Your Applications – Phase 1: Lay the Foundations

This phase of the blueprint Discover Your Applications will help you understand the current state of application portfolio management and build the foundations to launch...

Application Portfolio Management Maturity Diagnostic Tool

Use this tool to gauge your current maturity level in terms of visibility into your portfolio and use application portfolio management practices and tools.

Discover Your Applications – Phase 2: Align Capabilities and Applications

This phase of the blueprint Discover Your Applications will help you determine how to engage with stakeholders and perform application-capability mapping to reveal vital...

Detailed Application Inventory Tool

Use this tool to translate the results of your application-capability maps into a detailed application inventory.

Discover Your Applications – Phase 3: Build a Detailed Inventory

This phase of the blueprint Discover your Applications will help you capture the results of application-capability mapping in a detailed inventory and build the action...
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