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Operations Security Policy – ISO

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the secure operations of information processing facilities within and related to an organization.

Cisco Suffers Security Flaw With Zoom Interoperability

Cisco is beginning to lose patience with its Zoom interoperability after another Zoom security risk: access for the Zoom Connector for Cisco hosted on did not...

Tenable Launches Free Tool to Educate New Cybersecurity Professionals

Nessus Essentials is the latest tool launched by Tenable, but instead of selling to the enterprise, it is targeting individuals who want to learn more about security.

Penetration Test RFP Template

Use this template to help create a request for proposal (RFP) for a Penetration Test according to your enterprise requirements.

Design and Implement a Vulnerability Management Program – Phase 2: Triage Vulnerabilities and Assign Urgencies

This phase of the blueprint, Design and Implement a Vulnerability Management Program, will help you identify how urgent different vulnerabilities are based on their...

MSSP Selection Tool

This tool will rank managed security service providers (MSSPs) based on the variables selected in order to determine which MSSP is the most valuable to your organization.

Cloud Security Governance Program Template

Use this template to ensure the continued maintenance of your cloud program's security.

Create a Disaster-Ready Ransomware Recovery Plan

Organizations don’t always integrate their incident response and disaster recovery plans, which creates gaps in their response strategy to ransomware – this can...
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Data Breach Reporting Requirements Summary

Use this template to help keep track of your regulatory reporting requirements following a data breach.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Executive Brief

Read our Executive Brief to understand why you should consider a next generation endpoint protection solution.
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