Identify the Best Framework for Your Security Policies

Develop security policies based on the framework that aligns with your organizational needs. NIST and ISO are two leading frameworks to structure your policies. See this...

Develop and Deploy Security Policies – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why a security policy program is fundamental for any organization who wants to improve their security posture.

Develop and Deploy Security Policies

Comprehensively developed and effectively deployed security policies enable IT professionals to work pro-actively rather than reactively, benefitting the entire...
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Find the Right Balance Between Privacy and Security for K-12

Finding the right balance between security and privacy is difficult for K-12. IT is responsible for protecting faculty, staff, and students, but must do so while...

WannaCry – Addressing the Unprecedented Global Ransomware Attack

Protect yourself against the WannaCry ransomware attack.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 2: Select an Endpoint Protection Solution

Streamline the endpoint procurement process by identifying the vendor that best satisfies the use-case criteria.

Endpoint Protection TCO & ROI Comparison Calculator

Use this TCO and ROI calculator to compare costs and benefits when examining various endpoint protection solutions.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 3: Implement and Manage Your Endpoint Protection Solution

Prepare for the EPP implementation and measure the value of the solution.

Endpoint Protection Roadmap & RACI Tool

Assign responsibilities and deadlines for the endpoint protection implementation and management process.

Endpoint Protection Metrics Summary Template

Identify relevant metrics to assist in evaluating the success of your organization's endpoint protection process.
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