Strategy & Alignment - Templates & Policies

IT Steering Committee Charter

Use this template to create an IT steering committee charter.

IT Steering Committee Stakeholder Survey

Use the data collected in your stakeholder buy-in presentation to make the case for governance to each of the new governance members.

IT Steering Committee Stakeholder Presentation

This phase of the blueprint, Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee, will help you build a presentation for the steering committee's stakeholders.

IT Project Intake Form

Use this template to create your own project intake form to add projects to your project portfolio.

Business Data Glossary

Use the Business Data Glossary to manage the business terms, their definitions, and other important details including ownership, systems, and how the data should be used...

Project Charter and Status Update Template

Use this template to take a lean approach to scoping initiatives during planning stages and tracking its progress during its execution.

IT Strategy Deck

The IT Strategy Deck will help small enterprise IT leaders organize their strategy quickly, and show how it aligns to organizational goals to garner support for IT.

Corporate Structure Interview Guide

The Corporate Structure Interview Guide is a resource used to interview key stakeholders to discover IT organizational design needs and requirements.

Corporate Strategy Interview Guide

This template is used to conduct stakeholder interviews for the purpose of understanding corporate strategy.
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