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LIVE May 2018 Keynote The Hard Facts on Software

The Hard Facts on Software: Using Data to Improve your Application Strategy, Selection, and Operations

LIVE May 2018 Keynote Trend Game

Trend Game: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Trend Adoption

LIVE May 2018 Workshop Disaster Recovery Planning

Workshop Activity: Disaster Recovery Planning

LIVE May 2018 Workshop IT Strategy

Workshop Activity IT Strategy

LIVE May 2018 Toolkit Case Studies Day 2

Success Stories from our diagnostic programs

LIVE May 2018 Workshop Security Strategy

Workshop Activity Security Strategy

LIVE May 2018 Workshop Project Portfolio Management

Workshop Activity: Project Portfolio Management

LIVE May 2018 Keynote Demistify Blockchain

Demystify Blockchain: Its Impact on You

LIVE May 2018 Toolkit Case Studies

Success Stories from our workshops

LIVE May 2018 Rapid Fire Sessions Day 1

10-minute talks on topics our analysts are watching
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