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Free Privacy Tool Released by RADAR, LLC

A new breach reporting requirements tool released by RADAR, LLC ensures that users stay up-to-date with their obligations.

Workforce Management Software Takes Its Rightful Place on the World Software Stage

The time for fully integrated workforce management software (WMS) is now! Recent launches, collaboration, and international partnerships by leading software vendors have...

Digital Maturity Initiative-on-a-Page Presentation Template

Use this template to create an initiative-on-a-page presentation.

Initiatives Consolidation Tool

Use this tool to consolidate initiatives from improvement opportunities, interview summaries, and in-flight initiatives within your organization.

Digital Maturity Sample Project Deliverable

This sample deliverable helps you comprehend the various outputs of your digital maturity project.

Ecosystem Management Capability Digest

This document will help you understand the rationale and the best practices for enhancing Ecosystem Management capability in your organization.

Raise Your Digital Maturity – Phase 2: Identify Enabler Initiatives to Achieve Target State Digital Maturity

This phase of the blueprint Raise Your Digital Maturity will help you identify enabler initiatives to achieve your desired digital maturity.

Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

Use this tool to set your organization's desired state of digital maturity and to identify improvements across four dimensions to reach the desired state.

Respondent Identification Tool

Use this tool to identify the appropriate respondents within your organization and their respective assignments for digital maturity assessment.

Interview Information Capture Canvas

Use this template to capture the stakeholders' interview summaries.
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