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Go the Extra Mile by Adding Blockchain Capabilities

Stop mistaking bitcoin for blockchain.

Demystify Blockchain: How Can It Bring Value to Your Organization?

This blueprint introduces a business-centric definition of blockchain around its unique and competitive technological features. Company leaders can obtain a clear...
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CIO Trend Report 2018

Trend reports provide an academic outlook on what is happening in the technology landscape. Additionally, our report links trends with common business enablers....

Prototype With an Innovation Design Sprint

Design, build, test, and iterate your innovative ideas in four days or less by applying design thinking, rapid iteration, and user experience testing.
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Don’t Just Assess, Transform to a Sustained Innovation Program

CIOs that drive IT-led business innovation need to effectively pivot an assessment of their innovation capabilities and set in motion a transformation to a sustained...

Use Experience Design to Drive Empathy With the Business

IT often manages stakeholders who don’t know how to articulate what they want. Requirements often say what the business needs, but rarely does discussion about the...
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CIO Trend Report 2017

Trend reports can provide an academic outlook as to what is happening in the technology landscape, but not much else. CIOs need a framework to develop concrete insight...

Become a Transformational CIO

A transformational CIO is a business leader who actively approaches business peers with opportunities for transformation, and who seeks to co-lead business change. In...
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Apply Strategic Foresight to Enable IT-Led Growth

An innovative CIO must identify relevant trends early and respond to them quickly. By applying strategic foresight, CIOs can help their organizations become more...
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2016 CIO Trend Report

Info-Tech’s 2016 CIO Trend Report will help you prepare for and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. This report will identify trends within four strategic pillars...
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