CIO - Tools

IT Team Effectiveness Survey Tool

This tool allows you to record and analyze responses from Info-Tech's IT Team Effectiveness Survey.

Identity – Responsibilities and Dependencies

Template to identify and determine key responsibilities of each team member.

IT Financial Management Maturity Assessment Tool

A structured tool to help you assess your ITFM maturity.

Sample: IT Cost Forecasting and Budgeting Workbook

Review this completed example of the "IT Cost Forecasting and Budgeting Workbook" that accompanies Info-Tech's Create a Transparent and Defensible IT Budget Storyboard.

Exponential IT Operating Model Readiness Assessment

Assess your organizations readiness to adopt an Exponential IT operating model.

Innovation Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to drive the adoption of autonomous business capabilities?

Assess Your Digital ID Adoption Readiness

​As part of Info-Tech's Navigate the Digital ID Ecosystem to Enhance Customer Experience research, this tool can help you assess your organization's readiness to adopt...

Business Vision IT Program Workbook

An Excel workbook that will support you in executing the steps provided in the blueprint.

AI Pilot Project Shortlisting Tool

This tool will help you document your selection process and present the case for a pilot. You can reuse the tool to support an iterative process to continuously collect...

IT Funding Model Workbook

The set of tools and templates used in the activities that are part of this blueprint. Various sheets of this spreadsheet workbook may have been linked through...
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