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Improve Data Quality: Plug the Leak & Bail the Boat

Data quality is a significant issue facing many organizations. Despite the costs and headaches associated with having poor data, most...
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IT Steering Committees in Municipal Settings

Municipalities, with their myriad of departments and services, must manage competing goals and objectives for IT. IT is a scarce commodity and...
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Investigate Data Integration Tools

This video will give you some insight into what data integration tools can do for you today, as well as what tiers of solutions are available and...
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Building a Better RIA

Understand what type of benefits your business can achieve from adopting an RIA strategy.
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Select an E-mail Archiving Solution with Confidence

The e-mail archiving market is a confusing mixture of storage vendors, compliance and e-discovery vendors, security vendors, and e-mail platform...
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Maximizing Vendor Performance

Improve IT excellence by improving the performance of your vendors.
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Create a Realistic Data Integration Strategy

There is no quick way to fix a broken data architecture. There are, however, short term tactics and long term strategies to move from chaos to an...
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Info-Tech's Big Six for 2011

Each year there are numerous technology developments that provide IT with opportunities to offer extended value to the organization. Some...
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Applications Cost Management

This video introduces some of Info-Tech's new research on controlling application related costs in IT. Applications typically account for about...
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