Applications - Templates & Policies

Design Roadmap Workbook

Use this template as a guide to articulate what is required to plan for a great user experience practice.

User Experience Practice Roadmap

Communicate your well-thought-out design practice with this roadmap.

Chatbot Conversation Tree Library

Use this template to record your chatbot conversation trees before implementing them.

Digital Product Strategy Template

Use this template to help you define, detail, and make a reality your strategy in support of your digital product vision.

Digital Product Strategy Supporting Workbook

Use this workbook to capture the results from a number of exercises in this blueprint.

Business-Managed Applications Communication Template

This document, associated with the blueprint Embrace Business-Managed Applications, will help you communicate the value of business-managed applications and your approach...

Application Modernization Communication Template

This document, associated with the blueprint Modernize Your Applications, will help you communicate how application modernization can be applied to your organization.

Optimate Your SDLC Playbook

Use this workbook to record the outcome of your activities in the Automate Your SDLC blueprint.

Optimate Your SDLC Opportunity Canvas

Use this template to document enhancements for your SDLC stages.

Sample Recovered Capacity

Review this example to learn the process to follow for calculating Recovered Capacity
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