Agile Skills Don’t Revolve Around Ceremonies and Procedures: They’re About Traits and Values.

Agile skills require an evolution in people’s soft skills and behaviors. Handling ambiguity, being agreeable, and being extroverted are some of what’s important for an...

Enough Time to Build It Wrong

We build products wrong and fix them later but won’t take a fraction of that time to get it right the first time. No wonder our projects end up four times as large as our...

When Your Platform Dictates Your Roadmap

Platform product owners struggle to develop a product roadmap and prioritize backlog items when their system supports multiple external products across business lines.

Aha! Recognizes Integration With Jira Shouldn’t Be Skin Deep

Aha has deepened its integration with Jira via new support for linking not only issues/features but also their respective dependencies, thereby improving overall...

Crosscode Heralds a New Breed of DevOps Tooling

Crosscode is an application analysis and dependency-mapping tool. This kind of tool will become increasingly prevalent as an important component of DevOps toolchains.

Aha! and Azure DevOps – Working Together, Sprinting Together

Aha! has improved its integration with Azure DevOps to improve release and sprint visibility for both developers and stakeholders.

Visure Makes Requirements Accessible to All Stakeholders

In order to combat technical challenges with accessing requirements, Visure has released a new web-based interface for reviewing requirements.

Roadmunk Embraces Visual Detail in Roadmaps

Roadmunk sub-items add a new level of visual detail to roadmaps.

NFRs – The Overlooked, Critical Requirements Type

When teams are refining their product backlog, the focus is usually around new features (functional requirements) and sometimes technical debt. Yet when it comes to user...

Use Your Corporate Blog to Provide Value, Not Self-Promotion

Your blog is more than a place to advertise new features, it’s an opportunity to provide real value to your target audience. Value builds trust, and trust leads to sales.
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