Application Development - Templates & Policies

Exponential IT Product Practice Strategy Template

This template is leveraged as part of Build Your Exponential IT Product Practice to document your Exponential IT product practice strategy in the language your...

Test Case Template

A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system satisfies requirements. The process of developing test cases can also...

Test Plan Template

A test plan document describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities for a specific system, product, or team. Use this template as...

QA Strategy Template

A QA strategy document defines the approaches and practices to achieve your organization’s testing objectives and product success criteria. Ideally, this document is...

Sample QA Workshop Deliverable

Learn the lessons and insights of a government Info-Tech member from a previous QA workshop. This sample illustrates the outcomes of workshop activities and collaboration...

Sprint Capacity Spreadsheet

Capture each Scrum team member's capacity for each Sprint to avoid overloading them.

Rationalize Your Application Portfolio Playbook

Use this template to build your application portfolio management playbook.

Solution DLC Playbook Template

Document your solution delivery lifecycle with implementation and support plans.

AI in Requirements Management Executive Communication Template

A practical template for communicating the value of your requirements management AI use cases to your executives.

Scrum Simulation Exercise (Online Banking App)

Simulate Scrum to better understand how to manage a backlog effectively, estimate project timeline and cost, and solidify your understanding of minimum viable product (MVP).
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