Application Development - Templates & Policies

AI in Requirements Management Executive Communication Template

A practical template for communicating the value of your requirements management AI use cases to your executives.

Scrum Simulation Exercise (Online Banking App)

Simulate Scrum to better understand how to manage a backlog effectively, estimate project timeline and cost, and solidify your understanding of minimum viable product (MVP).

Roadmap for Transition to Agile

Build and frame your roadmap to effectively transition to Agile.

SAFe Transformation Playbook

Build a transformation and organizational change management plan to guide your transition. Define clear ownership for every critical step.

Communicate the Case for Enterprise Business Analysis

An executive communication slide deck to demonstrate the value of enterprise business analysis in your organization.

Enabling Product Delivery – Executive Workshop Outcomes

Enabling Product Delivery Executive Workshop outcomes summary with the results of your workshop, recommendations where we can make that path easier, links to related...

Application Portfolio Management Foundations Playbook

Use this template to build your application portfolio management playbook.

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Example Template

This presentation shows a completed example of the Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Template.

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team Presentation Template

This presentation template is designed to capture the results from the exercises within the storyboard and allow users to build a presentation to leadership on how the...

Gates 3 and 3A Checklists

Create your Gates 3 and 3A checklists.
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