Architecture & Strategy - Templates & Policies

Application Portfolio Roadmap Presentation Template

This template collects the results and key decisions from your project and helps present your roadmap application portfolio strategy to stakeholders.

Blockchain Presentation Template

Use this template to present your findings on blockchain to stakeholders.

Software Asset Management Policy

Use this policy template to define and support your organization's software asset management program.

Application Lifecycle Management Request for Proposal Template

Use this template to invite prospective vendors to submit a proposal to supply an application lifecycle management solution for your organization.

Application Architecture Design Template

This template will help you combine the various activities throughout the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, to create a formal application architecture...

Application Architecture Quality User Scenario Template

This template will help you define application architecture quality attributes from the perspectives of those who use, support, and manage enterprise applications and systems.

Applications Strategy Template

This template will help you combine the various activities throughout the blueprint, Lay the Strategic Foundations of Your Applications Team, to create a formal document...

DevOps Roadmap Workbook

This template will give you step-by-step inputs from storyboard exercises to document the progress of your DevOps initiative and communicate the outcomes of your adoption...

DevOps Capability Matrix Template

This template will provide you with a foundation for structuring your DevOps capability matrix.

ACE Satisfaction Survey

This satisfaction survey will help you baseline your Agile Center of Excellence and conduct periodic retrospectives of the effectiveness of its service offerings.
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