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Get a report showing the business's most pressing reporting and analytics needs so you can focus your improvement efforts to meet their needs.

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Sheet with Checkmark indicating measuring business satisfaction

Measure business satisfaction with corporate reports

See the big picture with an overall Reporting & Analytics Scorecard

Assess business leader satisfaction with reporting & analytics overall and across 10 different areas

Uncover opportunities by report and department

A group of people to symbolize identifying unmet needs

Identify and address unmet needs now

Identify new reports that the business needs

Determine who needs access to self-serve and advanced analytics tools and why

Work with your key stakeholders to ensure they are satisfied

Calendar with two selected boxes to emphasize scheduling and delivering training

Schedule and deliver training immediately

Untrained business users get limited value out of business information and results in a flood of IT support work

Get a list of leaders and teams requiring training and what they need help with most

Deliver focused training that will deliver the most value

What's inside the box

Our comprehensive report shows you business needs around reporting & analytics and what the most pressing issues are. Use the feedback to guide improvement efforts and develop a focused action plan.

Department Summary Image with various assessments
  • Assess Reporting Satisfaction at a glance

  • Evaluate Reporting across 10 dimensions of satisfaction

  • Determine effectiveness of Analytics Tools

Slide 2
  • Determine which Corporate Reports are the most critical

  • Understand issues and use cases for individual reports

Slide 3
  • Understand reporting & analytics needs at an individual respondent level

  • Uncover which reports are most issue-prone and have the most overlap

  • Address unmet needs of your key stakeholders

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