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Storyboard: Windows 7 Planning and Deployment Done Right

Windows 7 is the best OS for enterprise use from Microsoft and improves on 3 major pain points. Info-Tech recommends organizations running Windows XP as the primary desktop OS migrate to Windows 7 by end-of-year 2012. This storyboard addresses the following migration success factors:

  • Preparation and planning are key to a successful deployment – focus on application, driver, and peripheral compatibility.
  • Version selection is important to ensure that necessary features and functionality are deployed.
  • Selecting the most appropriate deployment methodology will maximize resource allocation and minimize time and cost.

Take advantage of Microsoft’s free resources to help simplify and ensure the success of your Windows 7 deployment.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Determine the version of Windows 7 needed.
  2. Deploy Windows 7 across the enterprise.

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