Turn Power Users into Technology Champions

Team up with tech-savvy business users to make IT a business enabler.


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Your Challenge

  • An increasing number of tech-savvy business end users are circumventing IT protocols by procuring personal applications for work purposes.
  • IT initiatives have low organizational buy-in because projects don’t adequately meet the needs of end users.
  • IT faces financial constraints which make it difficult to effectively support and train business end users on new programs and applications.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Leveraging the knowledge and skills of power users increases IT innovation, lowers training costs, and relieves some of IT’s support burden.
  • An open flow of communication between IT and end users helps IT become more closely aligned with business needs.
  • IT can increase organizational buy-in with the identification of technology champions who evangelize for the adoption of IT initiatives.

Impact and Result

  • Identify and effectively communicate with business power users.
  • Implement IT initiatives based on user need.
  • Establish technology champions to increase IT/business alignment.

Turn Power Users into Technology Champions


Establish innovators and evangelists

Identify business power users and technology champions to advance IT's innovativeness and reach.


Identify technology champions

Assess the non-technical skills of your business users to find your technology champions.