Create a Cloud-Enabled IT Organization

The cloud means the end of in-house IT as we know it. Is your IT organization ready?


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Your Challenge

  • The cloud adoption trend is picking up speed, and as confidence in cloud services and service providers increases, the adoption curve will accelerate.
  • All parts of the in-house IT organization will be affected.
  • IT departments that fail to prepare for this inevitability will find themselves increasingly marginalized while more nimble IT departments take advantage of the trend to create strategic opportunities for their organization.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Historically, IT has controlled the hardware and software in the data center, as well as the delivery channels for connecting end users to data center resources. With the cloud, IT is increasingly losing control of its role in application selection and development as the business contracts directly with cloud providers for software solutions, using their own OPEX budget.
  • A new model is needed.
  • The new model – Enable-Integrate-Manage – recognizes IT’s transformation to a service organization.

Impact and Result

  • Enable-Integrate-Manage demands a new organizational structure.
  • Some of the roles that are prominent in the traditional in-house IT department will be pushed to the cloud to make way for those that focus on strategy, emerging technologies, service management, architecture, and analytics.
  • The in-house IT department will be smaller.
  • IT must proactively manage the transition.
  • An uptick in the IT workforce and spending over the transition is likely, as are service disruptions. However, as the transformation takes shape, the organizations should enjoy the potential benefits of lower TCO and lower CAPEX, as well as greater flexibility, agility, and efficiency.

Create a Cloud-Enabled IT Organization

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Published: October 15, 2013
Last Revised: October 15, 2013