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Draw initial draft high-level architectural models of baseline and target architectures. Avoid jumping straight to application/technology architectural models. Start with business modeling, e.g. value chain diagram and business capability map.

Use Info-Tech’s Business Modeling Template to create a value chain diagram and business capability maps:

  • Start by identifying primary capabilities that contribute the most to value creation at your organization, e.g. product/service development, marketing, sales, and order fulfillment.
  • Sequence the identified primary capabilities according to the order of their involvement in the value production.
  • Consider including supporting capabilities (e.g. HR, Finance, and Legal), but only if they are relevant to the business drivers and/or architecture requirements identified earlier.
  • Create a level 0 business capability map covering the entire in-scope enterprise.
  • Consider creating level 1 capability maps (sub-capabilities/processes) for high-priority capabilities.
  • Refine the diagram and capability maps based on conversations with business stakeholders.

Use this template in conjunction with the project blueprint, Develop an Enterprise Architecture Vision.

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