In this month’s briefing we explore:

  • Cyber Security
    • Google Phishing Scam: While Google was able to block and deal with the threat, this demonstrates that no one is immune to phishing schemes. (2:23)
    • Windows Remote Code Execution Exploit: A vulnerability was discovered in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine; what does this mean for your organization? (10:00)
  • Threat Actor Campaigns
    • Russian Cybercriminal Landscape: Update on this group, and what you need to know. (12:55)
  • Regulatory, Legal, and Compliance
    • FCC’s Regulation Landscape: What you need to know about the FCC’s proposed revocation of its previous net neutrality policy. (20:01)
  • Exploitation and Tactics
    • Smart Device Insecurity: What you need to encourage in your organization regarding user behavior and device security. (24:24)

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    Marwan El Nashar | 06-07-2017

    Extremely Useful, keep them coming - Thank you!


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