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Content management is still in transition. After several years of both major and minor acquisitions, vendors are starting to refine their development strategies and position for future developments. Info-Tech's analysis of the major vendors indicated the content management trends for 2008.

Content Management in 2008

Each of the major vendors has its own strategy for handling the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in 2008.

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Published: April 1, 2008
Last Revised: April 1, 2008


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    Bill Lucas | 07-25-2016

    This article seems very outdated. A lot can change in 8 years. Is there an updated article?

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 07-27-2016

      Thank you for your question. Our most recent research on ECM is our blueprint, Develop an ECM Strategy and Roadmap. We also have a vendor assessment in progress.

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        Bill Lucas | 07-27-2016

        Thank you!


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