The Importance of the Business Stakeholders Meeting

By Myles F. Suer

July 16, 2019

Business alignment and transparency matter but are CIOs achieving it? Are they putting in place business stakeholder meetings that enable real alignment?

For years, CIOs have shared with me the importance of alignment and transparency, but how well are CIOs doing at creating alignment and transparency for their key stakeholders. This was the question posed recently to the weekly #CIOChat Twitter chat session.

The goal, they say, should be to get stakeholders to a place of trust in IT, so stakeholders and IT can accomplish things together. This means where possible, CIOs should aim for consensus. Depending on the size of the group, 80%-95% is seen as a reasonable goal. Anything less, said one CIO, and initiatives will be derailed. At this point, Ed Jackman of Info-Tech Research Group, said their research shows that it's a slim margin of firms that score higher than 80% in their business satisfaction.

The Importance of The Business Stakeholders Meeting

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