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This research will assist you in determining if ECM is right for your organization, help you build the business case for stakeholder communication and support, and determine if the enterprise is ready to move forward with implementation. By completing this solution set you will:

  • Understand the various ECM concepts and technologies and how they relate to key considerations like worker productivity, managing information growth, and compliance.
  • Have a strategy to ECM implementation in alignment with corporate goals.
  • Establish a basis for ongoing ECM success. Use the metrics to determine if the ECM strategy is logical and to guide ongoing investment.

Use this research to help navigate the ECM landscape and learn whether or not to implement it in your organization.

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    Stephen Lake | 11-23-2012

    The terms knowledge and information are interchanged in many places in this presentation. Suggesting that knowledge can be transferred or captured in the ways cited here I think can be misleading.
    In the early slides it is mentioned that by adding 'value' to information, i.e. the 'so what' factor, it starts to become knowledge. Values are personal. When organisations stipulate them they lose some of their meaning due to relying on how a person feels about them.
    I beleive knowledge is tacit and remains in peoples heads. This is the stuff that gets things done, i.e. the knowing bit. When communication happens knowledge is recreated in other peoples heads and utilises their values. When describing technology and plans to exploit it I beleive reports would do well to acknowledge this limitation.
    Technology has a big role to play in openning up the bandwidth between distant people so we can experience more of each others values and therefore communicate better. We are seeing more expressive communications in the youth of today where they are more open with their feelings. This helps others to communicate better with them. Increasing the bandwidth, e.g. more video, and shorter reports would be helpful.


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