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Sell Your Innovative Idea to the Business

Don’t let risk aversion kill a good opportunity.

IT’s ability to generate value through innovation is becoming increasingly important as business stakeholder expectations shift in focus towards benefits delivery.

Your Challenge

  • Winning innovations have been prototyped and tested thoroughly. The new reality of constrained resources has made testing ever more necessary. The organization can’t make any bets that are based solely on speculation.
  • A focus on anything other than the customer will fail. An understanding of and desire to deliver value to the customer is the one true common ground that IT must have with the business in order to drive new initiatives forward.
  • Successful innovative projects start small, but incorporate a vision for growth. The business sees right through inflated costs and benefits. Innovation projects must be lean and focused on the minimum viable solution that will get the job done.

Our Solution

  • This blueprint delivers a structured approach to building the case for innovative projects that not only helps you get funding, but get priority as well.
  • This program will connect to your innovation process in a manner that helps you follow through on ideas in order to drive organizational growth.
  • Our approach guides you in de-risking innovation, modelling solutions for the customer, preparing the case for the solution, and pitching the project to the business.

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