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Optimize Your CRM Platform

CRM isn’t a “deploy and forget” proposition: have a strong roadmap for optimization.


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Implementation isn’t the final milestone for a CRM platform: if a CRM platform is left on its own, problems around data quality, business process support, and lack of end-user adoption will proliferate, undermining the business case for CRM.

Your Challenge

  • Optimizing an existing CRM platform is often more cost effective than a platform transition. Leaders in IT and the business are quick to point fingers at the tool when a CRM initiative is off the rails. However, many issues are addressable without an expensive vendor switch.
  • CRM optimization requires a strong approach to managing customer data. A CRM platform is only as useful as the data it contains: garbage in is garbage out. Use a mix of preventative and corrective measures to manage data hygiene.
  • Successful deployment of a CRM platform won’t matter if it fails to attract end-user adoption. Organizations often fail to articulate the value of a CRM platform to individual employees. Don’t focus your training on features; focus it on employee-centric use cases.

Our Solution

  • Our program will assist organizations of all sizes with their CRM solution and give them a unified view of their customers across the three major interaction domains: marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Our approach to optimizing CRM ensures the organization is making full use of the capabilities within the solution for everything from sales pipeline management to customer intelligence.
  • Our program gives you a systematic approach to developing your CRM framework that addresses data quality, integration, and user adoption.
  • Our approach will provide the insight needed to maximize adoption rates, as well as lower maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary solution add-ons.
  • Our program helps you prioritize your CRM initiatives and develop a clear, concise roadmap.

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