The keystone to maintaining an effective portfolio of projects and programs is a well-defined set of portfolio criteria. Such criteria ensure that the projects included in the portfolio at any time are aligned with the organization's goals and fall within its actual financial and human resource capacity. Once such criteria have been established, it is important to ensure that processes are in place so that portfolio managers can apply these criteria to asses which projects to add to the portfolio and which to remove. Portfolio management frameworks, such as COBIT 5 APO05, outline the kind of processes needed to organize the portfolio according to these criteria.

This phase will take you through the following activities:

  • Establish the target investment mix (APO05.01)
  • Determine the availability and sources of funds (APO05.02)
  • Evaluate and select projects or programs to fund (APO05.03)
  • Monitor, optimize, and report on investment portfolio performance (APO05.04)
  • Maintain the portfolio (APO05.05)
  • Manage benefits achievement (APO05.06)

Use this phase as part of the full blueprint, Maintain an Organized Portfolio.

Also In

Maintain an Organized Portfolio

Align portfolio management practices with COBIT (APO05: Manage Portfolio).

Solution Set Steps

  1. Start here – read the Executive Brief
  2. Assess the current state of the portfolio and PPM processes
  3. Enhance portfolio organization through improved PPM criteria and processes
    • Maintain an Organized Portfolio – Phase 2: Enhance Portfolio Organization Through Improved PPM Criteria and Processes
  4. Implement improved portfolio management practices


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