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Perform two IT capability readiness checks to ensure IT can support the new revenue-focused initiatives:

  • A high-level IT readiness check to ensure IT can support new revenue-focused initiatives. You, the CIO, must be confident that your IT organization either has the required capabilities or can close the gap within a reasonable timeframe.
  • An IT capability readiness check to ensure that internal IT can support your revenue generation initiatives. Different IT-enabled revenue generation initiatives use different technologies that require different IT capabilities to effectively support them. Assess your internal IT readiness in the context of the initiatives that were included in your strategy.

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Lead a Digital Transformation to Advance Revenue Generation

Create a strategic IT-enabled roadmap that uses social, mobile, and analytics to improve marketing, sales, and customer service.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for a digital revenue generation strategy
  2. Create a plan to kick-start a digital revenue generation program
  3. Develop a digital revenue generation strategy and roadmap
  4. Strengthen the capabilities required to execute the strategy
    • IT Capability Readiness Check Template
  5. Measure business impact and communicate the program’s benefits

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Published: November 14, 2013
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