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Branding an IT department is about taking everything that is good about the department and wrapping these characteristics into a package that can be evoked by the brand. A brand is defined as a corporation's (or department's) promise to deliver specific products or services and its credibility based on reputation and the visitor's possible previous experience. The objectives of a good brand include delivering a message clearly, confirming credibility, connecting with users emotionally, motivating users, and reinforcing user loyalty.

Branding Strategy

Before embarking on a brand management project, the CIO must set the branding strategy. This entails four steps: knowing the identity that the IT department wants to create, deciding on a value proposition, getting to know the users, and mapping out the positive experience that the department will deliver. There are several different identities that an IT department could adopt. These include: a service management capability, a project delivery team, a business partner, or a strategic partner. To successfully take on any of these four images, the department must thoroughly comprehend the needs and wants of the users and integrate branding tactics at every point of public contact.

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Published: February 17, 2009
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