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Once project proposals have been submitted and collected, establish a process to identify the highest priority project proposals. This will include maintaining an inventory of proposed projects, applying ranking criteria, and establishing the highest priority proposals.

Determining high priority projects consists of two key steps:

  1. Apply criteria to compare and rank projects
  2. Obtain senior management approval

When you have completed the tools in this bundle, you will have:

  • A current inventory of proposed projects for prioritization.
  • A prioritized list of projects based solely on the information submitted in the project proposals.
  • A prioritized list of projects, adjusted by the project prioritization committee.
  • Printable lists of projects ranked by priority.
  • Templates for obtaining management approval to proceed to the next stages of project prioritization.

Tools included in this bundle:

  • E-Mail Approval Template
  • Project Prioritization Master Tool

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Published: May 11, 2009
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