Info-Tech has identified five trends that promise to transform IT departments within the next two years. Changes in mobility, cloud, big data, social media, and security will alter the way IT functions within the business.

  • IT must acquire skills in these five areas within the next two years or risk running into a skills deficit.
  • There are key factors that will dictate how you find these skills. These factors are urgency, importance, novelty, scarcity, and cost.
  • The five major trends are creating new roles or emphasizing existing roles that IT leaders may not have considered before.

Your options for acquiring these new skills include redeploying and retraining existing staff, hiring new staff, contracting, and outsourcing. When the required skills are not available in-house, hire new staff for long-term projects. Otherwise weigh the benefits of contracting or outsourcing for mid- and short-term projects.

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