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The Collaboration Maturity and Readiness Assessment Tool is designed to identify your organization’s maturity and readiness for social collaboration across five key silos: knowledge intensity, end-user culture, senior management culture, IT culture, and currently implemented tools. Based on your answers to a series of questions about your organization, the tool will evaluate your readiness on both an overall and categorical basis.

You will be asked to provide specific evaluation criteria, such as:

  • The importance of knowledge-sharing and team productivity at your organization.
  • The degree to which your workforce is geographically or remotely distributed.
  • Senior management’s attitude toward collaboration and social tools.

This opportunity assessment tool supplies a starting point for organizations deciding where to allocate resources for maximum results. Use the tool in conjuction with Storyboard: Build an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy.

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    Earl Hacker | 01-20-2011

    This is a great articulation of the problem and the solutions. We have rather ineffectually implemented SP2007 partly due to it's lack of features and user resistance. We are now embarking on SP2010 and are paying more attention to the passive resistance from management and our users. I think your work and the addition of Lync will help our effort. Thanks


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