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The purpose of the Performance Measurement and Professional Development section is to gather performance feedback, at regular intervals, and to apply that feedback as a component in the professional development program.

To keep the feedback well rounded, a 360-degree approach is used: managers review employees, employees review peers, and employees review managers.

In addition to performance measurement, a professional development plan also consists of organizational and personal goals.

Performance Measurement and Professional Development involves four steps:

  1. Conduct performance reviews.
  2. Establish a professional development program.
  3. Evaluate training.

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Annual Performance Review - Management
  • Annual Performance Review - Staff
  • Annual Performance Review - Alternative
  • Annual Self-Evaluation - Management
  • Annual Self-Evaluation - Staff
  • Annual Professional Development Plan
  • Coaching Tracking Sheet
  • Course/Conference Request and Approval Form
  • IT Skills Inventory
  • IT Staffing Worksheet
  • Peer Feedback - Management
  • Peer Feedback - Staff
  • Professional Development Program Guide
  • Project Contribution Feedback
  • Quarterly Performance Evaluation - Management
  • Quarterly Performance Evaluation - Staff
  • Quarterly Self-Evaluation - Management
  • Quarterly Self-Evaluation - Staff
  • Quarterly Professional Development Progress Report
  • ROI Calculator for Corporate Training
  • Staff Level Allocation Tool
  • Training Effectiveness Survey
  • Upward Feedback

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