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Randomly poll stakeholders about what they feel their enterprise’s most valuable asset is, and the answer will most likely be related to data. It makes sense then that data center managers go to great lengths to protect that asset. Traditionally, one means of securing data centers has been the use of security access cards, including at the individual rack and cabinet level. The question, however, is whether access cards still are the best option for securing racks and cabinets or if a security upgrade is in order.

Understand The Limitations Of Access Cards
According to David Orischak, CEO of Digitus Biometrics (, security experts agree that card-access systems are less secure than manual key-based systems. Still, are there data center scenarios in which access cards can prove suficient?

“Whenever I’m asked this question, my response is the same: What level of risk are you willing to live with in the data center?,” Orischak says. As he sees it, card-based systems are still only used because enterprises have legacy card systems installed at building and room access points, and they want to prolong their investment.

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Published: November 16, 2012
Last Revised: December 5, 2012

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