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If your company is like many others, it might not be giving ITAM (IT asset management) the attention it deserves. SMBs typically make ITAM a priority only when major upgrades roll around or during lean financial times when cost cutting and/or efficiency improvements are most sought after. An arguably more important point, however, is that consistently performing rigorous ITAM can lead to numerous desirable benefits and help avoid many risks.


ITAM is a multifaceted endeavor but generally boils down to this: accounting for all the company’s IT hardware and software assets by collecting and managing data related to ordering, delivery, location, age, cost, warranties, service, maintenance, compliance, licenses, patches, upgrades, support, and more. According to Sandi Conrad, WCO (World Class Operations) practice lead with Info-Tech Research Group (www.infotech.com), ITAM provides the support to manage vendors and contracts, support security efforts, and cut costs, “sometimes by as much as 25 to 50%.”

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