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There was a time when silos roamed the land of data center infrastructure as the dominate beast. As Jenna Maertz, Info-Tech Research Group (www.info-tech.com) research analyst spells it out, the traditional silo approach to data center infrastructure essentially involved “your servers and your server admins, your networks and your network admins, and your storage and your storage admins, and never shall the twain meet.” The technologies only overlapped so as to provide integration, and knowledge only overlapped so as to allow this integration, she says. “There wasn’t a holistic sense of the data center or the roles within it.”
It’s the absence of this “holistic sense” that many data center experts believe is why silos are on the way out. Taking their place is the “converged data center,” an infrastructure approach that offers numerous benefits, including a potential reduction in CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenditure) savings; improved efficiencies; and enhanced management.

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