PC Today: Better Mobile Management

Like it or not, employees bringing their own devices to work is inevitable. Smartphones and tablets are essentially extensions of the human being and are used extensively for both personal and work-related purposes. Many companies have already put BYOD (bring your own device) policies in place to help get more control over the devices that connect to their networks, but there’s always room for improvement. The important thing to under-stand is that most employees aren’t bringing these devices in to cause problems, but rather to improve their productivity by using mobile devices with which they are more comfortable
and familiar.

“What I always like to tell the IT department is to remember that the reason people bring their devices to work is not to be bad, it’s to be good,” says Bob Hafner, managing vice president with Gartner. “They don’t bring them there because they want to lose corporate information and, in general, they’re not doing this to cause problems for the IT department, though there are always exceptions. In general, they’re trying to be more productive employees.”

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