(By Info-Tech Analyst Jennifer Perrier-Knox- Printed with permission from Processor magazine www.processor.com)

IT departments everywhere are trying to reduce costs, in many cases under mandate from their senior management teams. Yet mixed messages abound: On one hand, senior management wants spending cuts that even extend to staff layoffs; on the other hand, these same leadership teams are throwing temper tantrums when IT attempts to move on some of the most basic cost-cutting opportunities around.

Three Cases In Point

In an attempt to reduce workstation costs, one IT leader tried to limit all employees to either one desktop machine or one laptop machine. After all, two machines per person is excessive for most business needs. However, a leading executive insisted on keeping both for the sake of his own convenience. To add insult to injury, he would not comply with standard security practice, allowing family members to use his business laptop machine at home.

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Published: September 1, 2009
Last Revised: September 1, 2009

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    Nigel Wingate | 09-15-2009

    Most excellent. A refreshing change to see no-holds-barred words used instead of the usual mealy-mouthed wishy-washy drivel that comes from the computer research industry.


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