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(1-Jan-10) The past year isn’t likely to go down as one of the easier times most enterprises have endured, but the news heading into 2010 seems much more upbeat. Although that bodes well for data center budgets, it also means that there may be some adjusting and catch-up to do coming off of recession-period hunkering down. No matter what, change seems imminent, and the needs of 2010 will be different from 2009. Although none of us has a magic crystal ball, some industry insiders were willing to share their own insights into the coming year.

Emerging From The Bunker

Much debate still swirls around the true state of the economy, and it’s hard to judge whether more budget pain awaits while still stinging from the past two years. Still, there would almost seem to be a logical end within sight.

“There’s going to be some lightening,” says Mesabi Group principal David Hill. “You can only tighten the reigns so far. You don’t want the data center to starve to death. If it doesn’t have enough resources to do the job, then you’re upsetting the growth of your company. You can cut back during a recession to get through it, but you can’t do that forever.”

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Published: January 1, 2010
Last Revised: January 1, 2010

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