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Use this tool to assess the current BI operating model, plan the target model, and identify and plan BI operation improvement.

  • Complete the 20 question assessment to determine the initial target state BI operating model.
  • Assess the current state BI operation.
  • Refine the target state BI operating model.
  • Use the Appendix tabs to rationalize what items (process, people, and application functionality) are typically present across the three BI operating models.
  • Rate each gap in the target state according to impact, effort, and urgency.
  • Visualize grouped gaps in a chart to narrow down which groups of gaps may require improvement initiatives.
  • View ranked gaps in a list to select which gaps should be closed with improvement initiatives.

Document the selected gaps and corresponding improvement initiatives in the BI Operation Optimization Project Charter Template, Selected gaps and improvement initiatives section.

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Published: April 4, 2014
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