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Domain names, the marquee signs for organizations on the World Wide Web, are a viable asset purchased and traded legitimately or in bad faith like any other commodity . Despite the existence of several governing bodies and laws, enterprises must look out for their own interests when it comes to domain names.

How Domain Names Get Lost

Reasons for lapsing domain names vary from negligence to victimization by dot-com no-goodnicks.

  • Expiration. Oops, through sheer negligence a corporate Web site is not renewed. Think this only happens in the beer-league enterprises? Microsoft twice managed to let Hotmail related domain names “Hotmail” and “Passport” expire in the UK in 1999 and 2003.
  • Domain name predators. Cybersquatters send fraudulent e-mails to corporations reminding them to renew their domain, and providing a form. This form is used to transfer the domain name to the culprit.
  • Lost e-mail accounts. The e-mail account used to register a domain name no longer exists; as a result, notification for domain name renewal warnings are not received and the domain name lapses.

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Published: February 12, 2008
Last Revised: February 12, 2008


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    Mike Hennessy | 10-20-2016

    do you have a sample of below
    Develop a policy on corporate domain names. Limit and monitor the access points and e-mail accounts used to register, and keep inventory of all corporate domain names. Set the procedures for renewing domain names in writing.

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-31-2016

      Thank you for your question. We do not have any policies on corporate domain names, limiting and monitoring access points, or procedures for renewing domain names. Our recommendation would be that DNS name ownership and management should be taken care of in association with your registrar of choice.


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