Service Benefits


Protect your interests and reduce security risks.

You will come away with a clear, concise and better understanding of security provisions within contracts. Leaders can make more informed decisions.


Improve security of contract documents.

Add improvements to your contract documents with security best practices. Reduce risk associated with omission of key security controls.


Align business and compliance requirements.

Cut down on time and effort spent by your team to ensure contracts are aligned with changing compliance needs. Improve security posture of engagements.

Security Terms and Conditions Review

Our Perspective

Security terms and conditions are indispensable.

There is no shortage of risks to parties within contracts and agreements. A comprehensive assessment of security terms and conditions, however, is what will effectively mitigate the risks to your organization.

Ensure security and business alignment.

You must ensure that contracts and security agreements are tightly weaved and create the business outcomes you desire without compromising security.

Take action to build security controls into contracts and agreements.

If scoring shows low quality of security controls, do not proceed. Develop a plan to increase quality and reduce security risk.

Select security controls that matter to your organization.

Look for indicators that show the risk level within your contracts and agreements, not just the general terms and provisions.

Service Overview

Receive the Document

Receive a copy of the document including any associated documentation. Acknowledge receipt of documents. In your reply, include the legal disclaimer.

Score Document – First Pass

Review security terms and conditions using the provided tool.

Discuss With Member

Review your initial findings with the member. Ask any clarifying questions you have. Confirm the top security requirements and any other requirements of concern.

Complete Scoring

Revise the scoring, if necessary, based on the information gathered in the member call. Complete the final deliverable using the template.

Send Deliverable

Send the final deliverable to the member with results from review tool.

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