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Align Your Transformation to Our 4-Step Agile Journey

Use the Journey Guide to understand the stages of the Agile journey, complete the six-question progress assessment, and leverage research related to your current state.


Leverage Your Agile Strengths and Opportunities

Use the Capability Playbook Assessment to determine your Agile transformation strengths and weaknesses using our CLAIM+G model heat map.


Enhance Your Agile Journey With a Transformation Roadmap

Use the Agile Journey Capability Playbook to turn your Capability Playbook Assessment into an actionable transformation roadmap.


Improve Adoption With an Agile Journey Communication Plan

Create your Agile Journey Communication Strategy using our planning activities and template.

Build Your Agile Acceleration Roadmap

Our Perspective

Agile is first and foremost a cultural shift.

Culture is often the biggest challenge to Agile implementation. Use your cultural challenges as lessons to bring forward improvement opportunities.

The Agile mindset must be created at every level of the organization.

A top-down approach to Agile implementations often leads to failure.

Don’t get carried away with the hype around Agile.

The quantitative benefits of Agile are not realized by most organizations due to immature implementation and adoption of Agile principles and practices.

Service Overview

Conduct the Agile Journey Guide Assessment

Use Info-Tech’s fast, six-question assessment and high-level journey view to gauge your Agile program’s maturity.

Perform the Agile Capability Playbook Assessment

Complete an Agile assessment and use our CLAIM+G model heat map to determine the need for your transformation roadmap.

Build the Agile Transformation Roadmap

Using the CLAIM+G assessment and supporting exercises, build your customized transformation roadmap.

Develop a Communication Plan

Define your stakeholder and communications strategy to support the implementation for your Agile transformation roadmap.

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