Leverage Application Development Metrics to Gauge Progress & Increase Success

Measuring the performance of your development group requires more than a gut feeling.


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Your Challenge

  • Developers tell you everything is on track, but deadlines are still missed, and the number of issues are too high.
  • Enhancement projects often end up taking longer than they should, turn into re-write projects or worse, your developers tell you it can’t be done.
  • Measuring the performance of your software is relatively easy, but measuring the performance of your developers is a shot in the dark without metrics.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Software development is a creative, and subjective exercise, but it can still be measured.
  • Measuring lines of code is largely meaningless in today’s development environments; however, number of methods, parameters, depth of inheritance, execution time, as well as adherence to standards are all measurable statistics that can help gauge the performance, skill, and ability of your development staff and overall code quality.
  • Low tech solutions like code reviews and walkthroughs are often the best form of monitoring and are a great way to ensure that standards are being followed.

Impact and Result

  • Businesses typically measure on-time and on-budget metrics against their application development efforts. This can provide some very high level and meaningful metrics but it does not provide insight into how well their application development groups are truly measuring up.
  • This set will convey the reason why various metrics should be gathered and how to implement an effective metrics program.

Leverage Application Development Metrics to Gauge Progress & Increase Success


Measure development progress and code quality.

Improve code quality and overall success.


Understand application development metrics basics.

Learn why metrics are worth the effort and how to introduce a metrics program.


Decide which metrics to track.

Focus the metrics program on areas that need to be assessed and improved.


Track and report development metrics.

Evaluate code quality and the accuracy of your estimates.