Manage Help Desk Staffing

Identify and hire staff with a unique blend of customer service and tech skills necessary for a successful help desk.


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Your Challenge

  • Getting the right help desk staff is critical.
  • Hiring help desk staff with a balanced blend of customer service and tech skills is difficult.
  • The wrong help desk staff can isolate users and damage IT's reputation.
  • Getting the wrong person is expensive; replacing them is at least 30% of their annual salary.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Hiring help desk people with the right attitude and customer service skills is more important than technical skill
  • The help desk is IT's face to the business, put forward the best image possible
  • Cutting help desk staff, while tempting, will render IT less productive overall

Impact and Result

  • Effectively structure help desk resources to minimize cost while providing the necessary level of customer service
  • Hire staff with the right blend of attitude, customer service and technical skill
  • Intelligently trim help desk staff when times are tough

Manage Help Desk Staffing


Assess current resource levels.

Understand optimal resource levels, skillsets and roles required to support desired service requirements.


Determine the optimal help desk staff ratio.

Maximize help desk customer service at minimal cost.


Staff the help desk.

Hire and retain the right help desk staff rather than a bunch of warm bodies.


Deal with staff cuts.

Minimize the impact of cuts to customer service and employee morale.